The Politics of Beer.

Sept. 14 2013
So much has happened. Here I am now back in Erie…sleeping at the mission.
I guess I manage to survive. Kind of self evident really.
And here I am scribbling at this.
Nov. 13 2013
More shit happened. Some bad. Mainly before I got out of Erie. All before really.  Since, it’s been pretty good. The past week and a half…two weeks…what ever that haze is back there in my head.
Just finished tour with 13 Scars and Reagan Youth. Headed back to the NW. It’ll be my first time back in like 20 years.
After that…I dunno. Maybe wander the Earth until Spring or something.  Maybe wash some dishes or run jackets and weights at a foundry for sustenance wages.
Uh. Yeah. I’m all over it.

One thought on “The Politics of Beer.

  1. Regardless of what happens, I’m glad you’ve gotten out and into a different setting. Snowy winters suck even worse when there’s nothing good for you. Good luck on wherever you land

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