So tour wrapped up and now I’m back on my old stamping grounds of Auburn, Washington-after an almost exactly 20 years back East.
I moved to Pa. in December of 1993 from Tacoma. I had some legal entanglements stemming from a felony malicious mischeif case caught down in Olympia after performing an autonomous act of class warfare….well, basically I smashed up some rich motherfuckers boat at the Olympia Yacht Club when I was having a big time manic episode back then. That’s not to say it was entirely random and senseless, but all the same I was a bit loopy at the time.
Anyway, I copped an insanity plea and served about a year in the Legal Offenders Unit at Western State Hospital down in Steilacoom. I got out, but had a ten year tail-not termed outright parole, they call it “conditional release” but it amounted to the same…so of course I wanted to get out of it so I could smoke weed and drink beah like a normal NW punker, right? Totally. So with the help of some relatives out in Pa. I was able to have all my paper transferred out there along with my skinny ass and of course, my guitar & other shit.
And so I went. And I stayed there for waaay too long. I played in a bunch of bands in and around Scranton, Pa., notably on guitar for Skunkwater and as bassist for Belas Fix. Then I got involved heavily in the use and trafficking of heroin, got busted in 98 on a robbery beef and served eight years in a Pennsylvania state prison. While I was in there I started my current ‘zine, Usual Suspect, did seven issues from behind bars, played bass in the intitututional ensamble for a few years, lifted some weights, jerked off a lot.
Got out in 06 and paroled to Erie, Pa. In 08 I married the woman I was with before I fell on state time. It was a huge mistake, the whole marriage thing. Ever involving myself with that female in the first place…
But had I not gone to prison I would have come back out here to the NW in the later 90′s, and had I not wed I would have come back after I got off of state parole in 09. However, she didn’t want to be away from her family so I wound up stuck back out near Scranton. I didn’t want to be living there in America’s armpit, but…well…she had the pussy so she made the rules.
At any rate. This is supposed to be about Auburn.
I moved here from Spokane Wa. in 1987. Went to the beginning of my last grade of high school here-10th grade. Then I dropped out because I had more pressing concerns involving getting drunk, stage diving and riding a skateboard.
Auburn, A-town, Aubburned Out, it’s a special place. About 20 miles south of Seattle it carries the pedigree of being the birthplace of some damn fine NW hardcore bands from the latter cold war era-the legendary Subvert got their start here, and as well It’s the birthplace of Social Wart, Blowchunks, Ghosts of Roadkill, and The Bongwater Endeavor-the latter being a long lost tape session of me and Marvin Starr. Basically just guitar and vocals, Marv on guitar and me yelling mic’d shit. It was pretty funny.
Anyway…here I am. Auburn. The town sure has changed. There’s way more people. Used to be like 26,000 people or something…it was just a lot smaller. Now theres like seventy grand. It’s all pretty huge now.
And everyone is on meth. I shit you not. There should be a sign on the highway as you come into town….Welcome to Auburn! Plan on staying awake a long fucking time, yo!
It’s crazy. Wandering zombies. My first day in town I saw this little girl…like fouteen years old…and she’s riding this bike and all uber-pale and skinny like a toothpick…and she looks at me locking her pleading eyes into my fucking soul and she whimpers out, “i need shards…”
I’m like whafuk? Thinking to myself thats what they call it out here…I learned that in California the night I smoked some of that shit out of a vaporizer. Shards. Gnarly shit.
Still. It was a shock. This little kid. A child.
And that’s really it, my thing with Auburn. I’ll always love it here, but it’s also always going to have a pall of sadness for me. Everything from the dead body discovered at a woodsy drinking spot out near Black Diamond…to the stuff documented in my second book…to now, the ongoing tragedy, displaced families living in the park, the lives of some of my oldest and dearest friends as they still have to struggle…my own problems landing work and trying to keep my head in check. Been getting a bit too fucked up lately. Drank a bottle of American Honey with Johnny Blank last night and got tore up. Oh, and because I now reside in a state where it’s legal as fuck to smoke ganja….
Well nevermind. I do have a new band coagulating. We’re called Holy Fucking Shit. Seriously. It’s me on guitar and Johnny Blank playing bass. Deric is supposed to be coming out from Scranton to lay down vocal stylings, and if we’re lucky Xtian will drag his hobo ass out from Erie to play drums. It’ll be epic, as they say nowaday. Maybe a punk rock train wreck of epic proportions. I’ll give it that much. Well, thats our intent at least.
Yup. Fucking Auburn.

2 thoughts on “@uburn!

  1. Dave!! Whats up homie!!?? Txt me. I got a new phone and i’ve lost everything. Seriously i need to make a hard copy of everyone’s phone numbers in case of shit like this….

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